Dating Coach & Counsellor, MTC

Specializing in Mediation, Dating & Breakups

Who I Work With

  • Couples seeking mediation in order to communicate more effectively.
  • Individuals and/or couples contemplating or implementing a breakup.
  • Daters in the wak whirlpool striving for something more. 

As A Dating Coach 

Be it building confidence, picking up on social cues or simply a second opinion, I coach those unsure of how to progress their dating life in a way that is actually fulfilling.

As A Couples Counsellor

I provide mediation and support to both parties in either strengthening the relationship or choosing to part ways. In order to establish a platform to work from we look into inner dynamics pertaining to codependence, boundaries, needs and communications styles. Mutual respect is essential, and from here practical action can be assessed and implemented. 

A little bit about myself... 

I have chosen these areas as my niche because I myself have been on my fair share of miscellaneous dates and multiple relationships in search of the "ideal". In this wak whirlwind we call the "dating pool" we experience an array of events stretching from sensational to visceral. Unfortunately there's a lot of assumption, expectation, ghosting, game-playing, hidden agendas, misunderstanding and absence of communication altogether. I found myself frustrated at times yet still so passionate about relationship dynamics. Exploring my own quirks and patterns of behaviour, it became easier to create desired change. This being said for any relationship to progress we must be invested in self-development, self-awareness is key. 

I utilize mainly Person-Centered, Gestalt and Adlerian models of Counselling. 

I also offer; Coaching with Musicians 

Stage presence and personal strength/weakness development. Basic business and branding strategies/organizational skills as an artist.  


Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) - ACCT 

Diploma of Professional Counselling - VCCT, Vancouver BC

Music Business Levels 1,2,3 with Chris Brandt - BCIT, Vancouver BC


Contact Me

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